Toyota Camry 2013 Review Indonesia



Toyota Camry 2013 Review Indonesia

A high degree of dependability makes the Toyota Camry 2013 a hugely popular vehicle not just in the Indonesia, but around the globe too. This is a simple car with elegant engineering with a life expectancy that is superior to most other cars in that class. If you are looking for flashy or high-end interiors, you should be looking at another car. This is a car that is comfortable and fun to drive with minimal servicing required. The average driving conditions that you experience every day should help you decide on the best model for you.

The basic model of Toyota Camry 2013 is priced a tad below Rp640 Juta in Indonesia or USD$22,000 mark and can cost up to $30,000 at the higher end of options available. Fuel economy is between 22 and 25 mpg under City conditions and significantly higher at 30-35 mpg on highways. On the price front, the Corolla is a tad smaller and cheaper. The nearly maintenance free driving makes the Toyota Camry highly dependable.

The Camry 2013 version about to hit the roads will show case modified exteriors and interiors with some minimal changes. The fuel economy is slated to move up marginally to an average of 30 mpg under ideal driving conditions. 6 speed transmission and a choice of hybrid/gas electric fuel system adds to the advantages of this car. External styling has been improved with a bit more angular hood compared to earlier models. Interiors are refined and you will have cleaner lines with additional leg room at the back. Stability and traction control during driving has been improved and curtain/side airbags afford enhanced security.

Music buffs will find the interiors of Toyota Camry 2013 embellished with the Bluetooth and iPod input point. So you no longer need to skim through a collection of CDs or upgrade your stereo system. By simply connecting the iPod or MP3 to the stereo you can enjoy all the music with surround. The hands free feature ensures that you are not issued a ticket for holding your phone while driving. Put together, Toyota Camry 2013 comes with all the attributes to make it an owners’ pride.