Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012 In Jakarta

 Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012 In Jakarta

The news is out that Toyota Motor is pushing for development of hybrid cars to strengthen its traction both in Indonesia and global market but does this move indicate any weakening of harga mobil baru Toyota 2012 in Jakarta for models of other classes?

Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012 In Jakarta

Looking at harga mobil baru Toyota 2012 in Jakarta, the car price for Toyota lineup is staying ever so strong despite striving in making a come back from disastrous earthquake and tsunami merely a year ago while working against the appreciating Yen.

In fact, domestic car sales has markedly increased to 56.5% in May since last year, indicating a viable market to promote eight more new compact models to usher the increased purchasing power of emerging markets including China, Indonesia and Brazil.

Thanks to the flourishing auto industry, Indonesia’s role as Japanese auto-makers’ production base serving 86% of its market has led to robust economic growth which sees significant rise of vehicle demands especially for cars below 2.5-litres.

Although the Finance Ministry has implemented regulation for a hike in auto financing down-payment to 25%, Toyota is optimistic in securing new buyers of both their existing and new luxury as well as eco-friendly car concepts.

Let’s take a look at harga mobil baru Toyota 2012 in Jakarta below:

Models Price
Rush 1.5 G VVTI Manual 198.700.000
Rush 1.5 G VVTI Auto 208.700.000
Rush 1.5 S VVTI Manual 208.050.000
Rush 1.5 S VVTI Auto 222.050.000
Rush 1.5 S VVTI Dress Up Manual 210.800.000
Rush 1.5 S VVTI Dress Up Auto 224.800.000
All New Vios 1.5 E M/T 215.050.000
All New Vios 1.5 G Manual 228.050.000
All New Vios 1.5 G Auto 240.850.000
All New Vios 1.5 G A/T TRD 261.050.000
Corolla Altis 1.8 E M/T 339.500.000
Corolla Altis 1.8 G A/T 361.200.000
Corolla Altis 2.0 V A/T 391.500.000
All New Camry 2.5 L A/T Hybrid 635.600.000
All New Camry 2.5 G A/T 482.700.000
All New Camry 2.5 V A/T 510.600.000
Camry 2.4 G A/T LUX 475.700.000
Camry 2.4 V A/T LUX 503.600.000
Alphard 2.4 X A/T 658.500.000
Alphard 2.4 G A/T 800.000.000
Alphard 3.5 V A/T 1.034.500.000
Prius 605.000.000
Previa A/T Full Spec 1.008.500.000
Crown Royal Saloon 1.348.100.000
Hilux PU Chasis M/T Bensin 143.500.000
Hilux PU STD M/T Bensin 150.500.000
Fortuner G A/T Lux Bensin 439.150.000
Fortuner G A/T Lux TRD Bensin 464.600.000
Fortuner V A/T Bensin 489.650.000
Source: otomotif.kompas.com

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