Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012: Toyota Voted Highest Demand Car in Indonesia

 Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012

With the steadily escalating demands in vehicle ownership, prospective buyers of Indonesia are keeping close watch on Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012 to fish for the best car in the lineup. Having sold 249,589 vehicles in first quarter 2012, would you be one of the anticipated Toyota new buyers who’d fill the sales gap forecasted by Gaikindo to surpass 960,000 this year?

Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012: Toyota Voted Highest Demand Car in Indonesia

Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012, just like prices from previous years, has never seen any models being rolled out as lower-priced range with Toyota executive vice-president Yukitoshi Funo saying, “We don’t sell cars priced at 500,000 yen.” Instead of vying on the cheap cars lane, Toyota indeed has unwavering faith to make winning sales of its luxurious car models in the context of providing Toyota as a symbol of class.

Despite defending target on the up market, it doesn’t impede middle class society in Indonesia to stay loyal with this automaker. If you’ve noticed, the first quarter of 2012 alone has closed with 47,998 sales from the top best-selling car, Toyota Avanza which has secured its crowning glory for 5 consecutive years. Coming in second is Toyota Innova having made 19,405 sales while Rush ranked 6th with 9,133 units and Yaris at 13th with 4,714 units.

Would you like to go with Toyota too? Check out on Harga Mobil Baru Toyota 2012 below:

Models Price
New Avanza 1.3 E Manual 145.750.000
New Avanza 1.3 E Auto 155.950.000
New Avanza 1.3 G Manual 160.000.000
New Avanza 1.3 G Auto 170.700.000
New Avanza 1.5 G M/T 167.400.000
New Avanza Veloz 1.5 Manual 173.400.000
New Avanza Veloz 1.5 Auto 182.900.000
Kijang Innova Bisnis M/T Bensin 184.400.000
Kijang Innova J M/T Bensin 195.550.000
Kijang Innova E Bensin Manual 220.900.000
Kijang Innova E Bensin Auto 233.900.000
Kijang Innova G Luxury Bensin Manual 251.000.000
Kijang Innova G Luxury Bensin Auto 264.500.000
Kijang Innova V M/T Luxury Bensin 286.300.000
Kijang Innova V A/T Luxury Bensin 299.800.000
New Yaris 1.5 J Manual 190.150.000
New Yaris 1.5 J Auto 200.350.000
New Yaris 1.5 S M/T TRD 211.650.000
New Yaris 1.5 S Limited A/T 223.350.000
New Yaris 1.5 S Limited A/T TRD 227.950.000
Corolla Altis 1.8 E M/T 339.500.000
Corolla Altis 1.8 G A/T 361.200.000
Corolla Altis 2.0 V A/T 391.500.000
FT 86 2.0 M/T 600.000.000
FT 86 2.0 A/T 610.000.000
FT 86 2.0 A/T Aeropackage 623.000.000
FT 86 2.0 A/T TRD Aeropackage 636.000.000
Source: otomotif.kompas.com

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